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Francine Zaslow brings everything to the table. She is sharp, meticulous, richly romantic, and time-tested. Seeing no hard line between her personal and commercial photography work, her efforts with any client (including herself) reflect an evolving, remarkably sophisticated sense of color, composition and form. Raised in a family of artists, her mother, an accomplished sculptor, surrounded her young daughter with the seemingly limitless possibilities of creative experimentation and expression – ultimately inspiring Francine to earn her BFA in Photography at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.


Supremely “hands on,” Francine takes an active role in styling her own shots, yet is open and appreciative of what others bring to the set. She is well aware that commercial photography is a collaborative art, delivering great images to discerning and demanding clientele for over 25 years. She is still chasing perfection, still authentically excited about the work, showing new work in galleries, shooting documentaries, scanning the terrain for new ideas… But of course the portfolio, the work itself, speaks for itself… and is worth a thousand intros.

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